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Course Duration:
4 Days (32 hrs)


Assessment methodology:
Written and Case Study (4 hours)


Course Price:
$380.00 (Nett Fee)


This course is aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills to co-ordinate safely all activities relating to the construction or repair of the ship.


For Whom:
The “Manage Workplace Safety & Health In Shipbuilding And Ship Repair” is a mandatory training course for individuals who are assigned to be project engineers and project managers for marine sites and related industries.


Entry level:

  • Employability Skills (ES) Workplace Literacy level 5.
  • Be able to manipulate numbers at a proficiency level equivalent to ES Workplace Numeracy level 5.
  • Learners must be holding the position of Manager, Ship Repair Manager, Project Engineer, Superintendent or equivalent post to be eligible to attend this course.


Participants will learn:

  • Apply relevant legislation and guidelines to manage WSH in shipbuilding and ship repair.
  • Conduct job safety analysis for potential shipbuilding and/or ship repair hazards.
  • Conduct risk assessment for shipbuilding and/or ship repair activities.
  • Manage ship building and/or ship repair operations.
  • Manage safety and health management system for ship building and/or ship repair.
  • Conduct safety and health audit and review.


Participant’s Attire:
Proper attire. No short pants and singlet


Registration & Payment:
To register simply use our online registration in our website or download the PDF application form to submit via email.


Funding code: TGS-2020504052


Terms & Conditions for Course Registration & Refund:

  1. A Letter of Confirmation on the training date will be issued upon confirmation of your registration.
  2. Full payment for the training can be made by Cheque, Cash, NETS or Internet Banking upon confirmation. Payment should be made prior to course commencement date.
  3. Certificates and Passes will not be released unless full payment is received.
  4. No refund of fees allowed for cancellations of classes or absence of participants on the day of course commencement. However, for such cases, PTC would advise rescheduling of replacement of candidate provided a valid reason & evidence is given.
  5. Full course fee will be chargeable for absent on course date without valid reason & evidence.
  6. Refund of fees is only on case by case basis, when the participants can show they were medically unfit or postponement or replacement is not possible by any means.
  7. PTC reserves the right to alter or cancel class and/or venue without liability.
  8. PTC reserves the right to revise the course materials to meet SSG/MOM requirements.

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